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River Rule and Broken Rule are out. Here is a Chapter Reading

My books are out…heart is pumping/little nervous…but mostly BURSTING with AWE and LOVE for YOU

Yes, I’m excited and  have knots in my stomach.

But believe me when I say  it’s s nothing compared to the absolute AWE and immense love, I feel  for you who have supported me on a daily basis over this whole year.

THANK YOU with all my heart.

There are so many people who helped and supported me in my writing Shirley Khan, Miles and Jo in particular.

But unlike last time I am overwhelmed and most grateful for all of you who shared my passion to make the books’ launch a success.  My acknowledgement’s page had more words that one or two of my chapters.

Without you I couldn’t have prepped and paved the way to launch my book. I know that for a fact as I tried to do it alone three years ago.

So, for those in my online community here is a little reading from me.

For those who don’t already have a copy of either book let me tell you with joy that

  • Both books are in paper and eBook format. You can see more details here
  • They can be ordered  in bookshops, online or can be picked up from my home. They can be  signed and addressed with a  personal note if you are local to me.

With Love

Amy (Ameeta)

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